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Hooks Online
The easiest way to buy quality tackle in 2017!!!
We will be closed from 10 March 2017 for stocktake and for rolling over the new website. The shopping cart function will still be operating until the switch but you will not be able to purchase or pay for any items after this date
Sorry for the inconvenience and we will be back with a far better website and system

Gunz Stickbaits
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Tailwalk stick baits and poppers

When you require the best quality stick baits and poppers look no further than Tailwalk. Quality made lures at incredible prices here at Hooks Online.


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Owners Draw 4 are here

Being a 100% Australian based business we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and  service.

Here at Hooks Online we are able to consistantly maintain low prices .

As we are based on the internet our overheads are lower, which means better savings to you !!!!

Order safely using our online store and receive fast delivery  

We only offer products that we believe in. Hooks Online maintains a significant inventory of the products we represent, that saves shipping time for our clients, and proves our belief in the products we represent.

We stock the gear we sell, we don't depend upon a third party to handle your order. 

Your order with Hooks Online is given personal attention.


Here at Hooks Online we are fisherman. We use our products and only recommend the best. We stand by our decision to use only the best. If its not good enough for us then we wont sell it to you.
We fish regularly and Owner stand out as the only hooks to use.......quality pays

But quality doesn't have to cost you a fortune





















Hooks Online is the only way to buy Owner hooks online

Cutting Point™ hooks, developed by the Owner Hook company of Japan, are a revolutionary breakthrough in high technology hook design.

Unique to each Owner Cutting Point™ hook is the tripple-edged cutting blade led by a needle-sharp point that never needs sharpening.

The point grabs quickly, and as it begins to penetrate, the three cutting edges slice their way through the toughest scales, cartilage and even jaw bones for a positive, effortless hook set.

Great Range  Great Price  Great Service


Owner beast soft plastic hooks
When only the best will do

Some of our Owner range

Owner Aki Inline Hook 5170

The Owner Aki™ pattern is a fine-wire all-purpose hook with no offset. The Aki performs as both a saltwater bait hook, and within the skirts of smaller trolling lures, and as a fly hook to tie streamer patterns for blue water game fish.

Item #5170

Price $4.99 

Owner Assist Hooks SF-38EXS light

Light duty assist hooks with Owner stainless solid ring, forged shank, non offset bend with kevlar/dyneema looped cord already attached. These are the Owner SJ-38TG ring-eye hook, and the connection is sheathed in heat shrink plastic.

Item #SF-38EXS

Price $11.49 

Owner Assist Hooks SF-50EXS short cord from

Super strong assist hook with flattened eye, forged shank, non offset bend with 40mm kevlar/dyneema looped cord already attached.

Item #SF-50EXS

Price $8.99 

Owner In-Line Tournament circle hook pocket pack 5179

Owner SSW Inline Circle hooks, with a straight eye, plus an in-line shank and hook point that qualifies as tournament legal in billfish comps.

Item #5179

Price $6.59 

Owner Jig Hook Heavy SJ-51TG Cutting Point from
SJ-51TG is a Cutting Point, titanium-coated heavy-gauge hook mostly used for assist hook rigging on jigs, minnows and GT poppers.

Item #SJ-51TG

Price $9.99 

Owner treble hooks ST-56TN 3X-strong

A great saltwater treble upgrade for virtually any medium-size factory rigged saltwater lure. Very popular with barramundi, salmon and tailor fishermen.

Item #ST-56TN

Price $10.99 

Owner Offshore hooks 5129 from
Owner Offshore Hooks make fantastic bait hooks, featuring a totally unique offset, super-sharp forged point for instant sticking.

Item #5129

Price $10.39 

Owner Aki Twist hook 5169
Curved offset point with a heavy duty forged shank and reversed bend Cutting Point™, the Aki Twist® hook is the ideal hook for live-baiting king size saltwater gamefish with heavier lines.

Item #5169

Price $5.39 

Owner Hook caps for hooks 5112
Protective plastic covers for treble hooks, they have a patented “easy grip” feature for quick on and off, and a hollow design that allows hook points to dry, thus discouraging corrosion.

Item #5112

Price $4.29